May 4, 2008
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Nowhere With You
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May 5, 2008
The Best Game Ever

Whether you are a sports fan or not, has an excerpt from a new book titled The Best Game Ever: Giants vs. Colts, 1958, and the Birth of the Modern NFL by Mark Bowden. It is about a wide-receiver named Raymond Berry, an unlikely future star, who had one of the best games ever in the 1958 NFL championship where he caught a championship-record 12 passes for 178 yards and a touchdown. It is a long excerpt, but well worth the read.  I’m looking forward to reading the entire book. 

I’ve captured a couple of key excerpts that really stood out for me:

He was mightily prepared for the NFL championship game. He pored over the 25 pages of notes in his microscopic handwriting that he carried in a binder: diagrams of the routes he had run successfully against the Giants cornerback he would face that day, Carl Karilivacz; insights he had gleaned from hours of solitary film study; plays he wanted to try; reminders of everything else from head fakes he had designed for specific routes to basics like watching the ball all the way into his hands. WATCH YOUR FOOTING ON STARTS he had written in large block letters in the middle of one page. He had the careful planner’s habit of dividing each page into segments with perfectly straight lines.
Raymond had never been certain that all his years of obsessive work, all the pages of handwritten notes he kept in worn three-ring binders, were worth it. He thought that they made a general contribution, but day in and day out he did the work mostly on faith; it was something he had to do. Now fate had delivered a moment that proved its worth, at the pivotal point of the ultimate game of his career. How spooky that was, and how wonderful. It went beyond just being good, or being lucky. Raymond eventually would come to see it as the hand of God.

I found this story inspirational. It goes to show that you don’t have to be the fastest, smartest or strongest to be successful.  There are many people blessed with enormous amounts of natural talent that have never realized their potential. Important personal traits like perseverance, dedication, courage, faith can really carry you. Never leave success to chance. Prepare diligently, don’t take anything for granted, work hard and never give up.

You can read the entire excerpt here

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May 6, 2008
If you live in Toronto or are ever visiting,  check out the Distillery District. It has become an arts and culture mecca that features many art galleries, art studios, boutiques and restaurants. The place has an Old European vibe and is a great place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon/evening. Wander around and check out the shops, listen to buskers and then enjoy a nice dinner in one of the many great restaurants. 
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May 7, 2008
The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.
St. Thomas More
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May 9, 2008
To all the Daves I know… from the Kids and the Hall.
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Here’s to another week… hopefully yours was a good one! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the song. “Happy Where I Am” - Chris Trapper
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May 10, 2008
Canadian Music

The more I use Twitter/FriendFeed the more I like it, especially talking, sharing and discovering music with people from all around the world. Well, here is my contribution of some great Canadian bands, a mix of old and new. Take a listen and let me know what you think. 

Constantines - Brother Run The Down

Dog Day - Bright Light

Hayden - Where and When

Jason Collet - Out of Time

Kathleen Edwards - The Cheapest Key (Alt-country rock sound)

Lowest of the Low - Salesmen, Cheats and Liars (Another Toronto band that was popular in the 90s. They had a couple of hits, this being one of them)

Matthew Barber - And You Give

Most Serene Replublic - Career in Shaping Clay

Rusty - California (Garage pop-punk rock. These guys had a few hits in the mid-90s.

Skydiggers - What Do You See (For fans of Wilco/Son Volt, an alt-country rock sound)

The Acorn - Guilt Trip Fashion (They have an layered, autumnal sound. The whole album is good)

The Trews - Can’t Stop Laughing (These guys rock. A great live band)

The Tragically Hip - My Music At Work (no cottage BBQ is complete without beer and the Hip) 

Weakerthans - Tournament of Hearts (Sounds a bit like Death Cab for Cutie but still good!)

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May 11, 2008
Being a Mom is probably the toughest job on the planet. It just doesn’t seem enough that we celebrate Mom’s just once a year!  Happy Mother’s Day! 
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May 12, 2008
My Morning Jacket - I’m Amazed from SNL last Sat. Night (May 10th). A great song from their new album, Evil Urges.
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May 13, 2008
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May 14, 2008
Social Media And How It Can Fit Into Your Life

I’ve been spending the past month or so embracing social media/networking tools such as Twitter and FriendFeed. Admittedly, I was hesitant moving into this space but once you start dabbling with some of these online social web apps, it becomes quickly apparent how wide open the world really is. Business deals and joint ventures are struck, friendships are made, ideas are generated and shared. The opportunities are endless as I am quickly learning.

And, when you tie this in with mobile communications (think Blackberry and iPhone), the world becomes a library or encyclopedia if you will. You can tap the brains, insights, ideas of people from all corners of the world, anytime and anywhere.

Here are a couple of really good blogs describing social media and how you can incorporate various tools in your personal and professional life. The tools just help facilitate the connections, ultimately it is the people on these networks that brings it to life.

Best Social Media Advice from Chris Brogan
The Benefits of Social Media Aggregators and Lifestreaming: A Look at Friendfeed


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May 17, 2008
Asparagus is just coming into season and we have some of the best in the world grown here in Ontario!
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Just listening to the first Cure single, The Only One from their upcoming album. It’s quite upbeat and poppy, considering their last couple of albums were dark and brooding. This song would have fit on perfectly on the Wish album or even
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May 19, 2008
Link Safari - Monday, May 19th, 2008

My first link safari, a few interesting posts that you might enjoy…

Booming Brazil: The new China - Brazilian stocks and ETFs have been hot. This blog provides a bit of background on the Brazilian economy.

Selling This Rally - Has the market reached a top? Is it time to sell some of your winning stocks?

Bad Customers And The Stupid Things They Say - If these are true, can you believe that these people inhabit the same planet as you and me, let alone the same universe?

The Web As We Know It is Dying - The headline sounds alarmist but there are some good points to consider… government regulation of the internet, net neutrality, traffic shaping.

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May 20, 2008
TSX closes over 15000 and an appearance by the Scarborough Investment Club on CBC’s The National newscast.
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Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s jobs with yesterday’s tools.
Marshall McLuhan
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May 21, 2008
Radiator Building at Night, New York, 1927 Art by Georgia O’keeffe
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May 22, 2008
Mason Jennings new album, “In the Ever”, was just released this week and here is one of the songs, “I Love You and Budda Too” that caught my ear. Really catchy. He just signed with Brushfire Records, Jack Johnson’s
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May 24, 2008
And how does your garden grow… a Saturday afternoon spent cutting grass, trimming the bushes and general yard cleanup. Now it’s time to sit on the deck to enjoy a nice cold drink!
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May 25, 2008
May 27, 2008
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May 28, 2008
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May 29, 2008
joelaz: French Press, by RitualCoffee This is a video that was produced by my local coffee shop,
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Meiko - Piano Song

Discovered this song (Meiko - Piano Song) on the Sixty One. There are some really good artists listed. Check it out and see what you think.

From thesixtyone about page:
    thesixtyone makes music discovery a fun, adventurous experience with persistent reputation and rewards — it’s like a massively-multiplayer game for music junkies who are always on the prowl for new sounds. For everyone else, it’s a spot where anybody can instantly start listening to good new music… a place that personifies people getting excited about music simply because they enjoy it.
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